My own attempt for Arabic Calligraphy in 2014.

The Arabic word for human is Insān – which arguably comes from the root of Nasiya (to forget) which is the act of Nasayyān (forgetfulness). The nuances in these terminologies are conventionally interesting references to the reality of humans and their hard-wired imperfection & forgetfulness, which can be due to heedlessness or mere unintentional inattention.

well – having that said; with all that forgetfulness I am hard-wired to, I still remember you.

“اما وعدتني يا قلبي – انني إذا ما تُبت عن حب ليلى تتوب؟ – فها أنا تائب عن حُب ليلى – فما لك كُلما ذُكِرت تذوب؟”

– قيس بن المُلوح

Need more practice here for the verse in Arabic calligraphy, but here is what it says: Did you not promise me, O my heart, that if I repent from the love of Layla, that you shall repent as well? Here I am repenting from the love of Layla, so why is it that whenever she is mentioned, you melt?! – verse by Qays Ibn Al-Molawah who is also known as Majnun Layla in Arabic or Leyli o Majnun in Persian.

an update from 2016 re-reading my words:

Love is repentance ya Qais – it is to return to who we are and where we came from – and for that it is repentance in it and of itself and there is no repentance for repentance!


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