Every single time? 

someday you’ll find someone who lifts you up from the ground, after picking you from a zillion others around you.
they will look at you like this, held up to the sky as if there is you and only you to see. you & only you to compare to.
That would be the person who’ll 

see the sky behind you. So a hug will only be followed by hands lifted up to the sky for prayer. 
& that also means that all conversations they start with you will be inspired from the stars and the moon. for that is all that is seen next to you – and all that can be compared to you. 
they shall see you divorced from all societal expectations. expectations that entail the colonial trends of language. & the capitalistic plastic standards of beauty. & the bureaucratic morale of etiquette.   
you will be seen as part of nature. & can nature be seen a million times and not be called upon as beautiful? a mood changer? positivity echoer? And enchantingly uplifting?
After all these times we’ve seen it, it hits us the same way. Every. Single. Time. 
 you will only be seen as beautiful. Not for your physical and shallow appearance. Because nature is much more than what is perceived by the eyes. natural is a visual presence, as well as an intellectually stimulating miracle of life. from nature, we feed our souls & our bodies. It captivates our mental and spiritual being to make us speechless every time we are asked “How come we are never desensitized to your beauty? Seeing you is always the feeling of a “first time” .. you know those butterflies of the firsts?” – & it is just what it is. Beauty in and of itself, and the standard in which we compare to every other beautiful thing. It is the source of inspiration of art, our love metaphors & similes, and enchanting pictures like this one. Nature is the source of intrinsic meanings. It is here to point to what is great. Nothing less than a Divine Creator. A phenomenon too majestic to simply be a “coincidence” or without purpose. 
& in that light, they will see you as the one. you were not picked up by “chance”. you were picked on the basis of intention and purpose. nothing less than love and grace. you are meant to meet and be together. part and parcel of a complete purposeful union. part of nature. you will be as raw and as organic as nature can be. & if only you know how flawless is nature that way. 
with all its scars, wrinkles, natural disasters and reactions to life in it.

at the end, these are all signs of human existence. your destruction will be perceived as a set of courageous experiences and as evidence that you were “happening” – executing as a soul, struggling, failing and succeeding and doing what you got to do for beautiful survival with the least possible harm. 
your scars will be seen as stories for healing. only those who can read them, can heal you.  
for only our existence is an interplay of the connections of our experiences.
those readers are masters of reading beauty, for they do not loathe for it in the magazines, but they just yearn for it in nature. 
Yes – very high standards right there. & it is very rare to find those people with a presence of “nature”. That inner peace. That feeling of home. Their souls manifest on their features and you cannot but see them attractive. For they’d have the power of nature. 


 your eyes will be deemed as a disaster – and if only you know how great are the disasters of nature. 
& your anger will be seen as a volcano, that explodes to cleanse the lands from the destruction of the oppressors. 
your laugh will be the summer of every memory you create together. your smile will be the spring of the gentle breeze that soothes the weather with a waft of hope. & your tears will be the winter that will cleanse their shivering heart inside your warm hug. 
& the fall, will be the best season of the year. it shall be a period of renewal. The fall is when they shall re-fall in love with you. 

all over again. & to see you just like nature.. so beautiful.. no matter how much they have seen from it.
they will lift you up in the air like this, and they’d think you are beautiful.
As much as every single time. 



Photo taken in Guelph, Ontario – June 2016. 
Music Pairing: Falling Slowly – from Once The Musical


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